And What We Can Do Differently

America’s COVID-19 communication response has, in large part, followed the path of guaranteed failure by ignoring the importance of our shared but silent psychological communication responses.

Eight months after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic, the United States has reached an apex in our polarized debate over mask-wearing.

While other nations have faced similar debates, nowhere else has the virus produced as much consternation and chaos. How did we get here? Our current mask debate has become highly politicized, but it didn’t start that way. What do we need to do to avoid similar scenarios as therapies and vaccines are introduced and distributed throughout the country?

Cognitive psychologist and neuroscience researcher Dr. Brendan Murray, Chief Science Officer at DIRT, echoes the sentiment of White…

And the Key to Creating Core Comprehension

Many of us have never been taught what is arguably the most important fundamental of communication, how to communicate to create understanding. That’s not right.

Dear Fellow Communicators,

I have frustrating news.

Despite our advanced degrees, many of us have never been taught what is arguably the most important fundamental of communication.

We are taught things like grammar, language, and syntax.

We are taught how to organize thoughts and ideas into long papers.

We are taught rhetoric based on more than two-thousand-four-hundred-year-old perspectives.

But most of us are never taught how to communicate to create understanding.

Most of us are never taught how communication dances with decision-making in the mind (and how to not dance like Carlton).

Create Contagious Content with Cognitive Science

What marketer doesn’t know the joy of creating content… Its a never-ending pile of fun! Right?!

In truth, developing quality content is rather tough. It is time consuming. It requires research, links, more research, images, infographics, smart social media connection points, and of course writing, , editing, editing and then some more editing.

QUALITY content takes a commitment to create, so shouldn’t it return the favor and work it’s tail off for you in return?

No matter how hard you work at it, some content is doomed to fail, just as some content is destined to flourish. The difference between…

Elizabeth Edwards

Behavioral Communication Expert, Engagement Science Lab & @VolumePR President & Founder

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